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Teaching Events by the Institute of Information Systems: Bachelor of Science

Course NameAbbreviationSupervisorDirectories
Information Systems ManagementISMUniv.-Prof. Dr. Detlef SchoderKLIPS1, KLIPS2, ILIAS
Database SystemsDBSKLIPS1, KLIPS2, ILIAS
Integrated Information SystemsIISUniv.-Prof. Dr. Christoph RosenkranzKLIPS1, KLIPS2, ILIAS
Management of Information Systems ProjectsMISPto be updatedKLIPS1, KLIPS2, ILIAS
System Analysis and ArchitectureSAAto be updatedKLIPS1, KLIPS2, ILIAS
Decision Support, Analytics, and Business IntelligenceDSABIto be updatedKLIPS1, KLIPS2, ILIAS
Laboratory Course on DevelopmentLCDUniv.-Prof. Dr. Christoph RosenkranzKLIPS1, KLIPS2, ILIAS
Information Systems Bachelor Seminarto be updatedKLIPS1, KLIPS2, ILIAS

For detailed information about the courses, please look at the Module Handbook and Examination Regulations.

Please also look at KLIPS 1 and KLIPS 2 for dates and at ILIAS for content of the lectures.

Informatic lectures are administrated by the Computer Science Departement: