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The Institute consists of four seminars

Each seminar has special research interests, provides collaboration with companies from industry and offers various teaching courses in Information Systems.

Digital Transformation and Analytics

The digital transformation of our economic and societal systems is fully underway. The changes are massive and long-lasting. Going digital reduces the costs of administering social and commercial transactions, allows for globally networked interactions, and is characterized by real-time, vast datasets that let us observe behavior at a societal scale at with unprecedented detail.

The research initiative wants to contribute to our understanding of how the digital transformation advances value creation commercially (customers and firms) and overall welfare for individuals and society.

Among the most pressing questions are:

  • When and how can customers benefit from the digital transformation?
  • When and how can firms benefit from the digital transformation?
  • When and how can individuals within society and society at large benefit from the digital transformation?


Information Management

We focus our work on analysis, conception, development and application of information and communication systems within the corporate range with special interest in product, process and business model innovation.


Integrated Information Systems

The research and teaching activities within the professorship of Prof. Rosenkranz include theoretical and practical questions related to the improved integration of information systems.


Information Systems for Sustainable Society

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, drawing from data analytics, decision science, computer science, economics, behavioural science, and machine learning to advance society toward a sustainable future.


System Development

The main focus of our department's research is on the management of software development. Members of staff carry out empirical and theoretical studies on the organizational and technical design of software development. By doing this they develop recommendations for software development design.