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What is Information Systems?

Information Systems in a nutshell

The bachelor programme in information systems is a combined course in cooperation with the Faculty for Mathematics and Natural Sciences which is administered by the WiSo-Faculty.

The field of information systems is an interdisciplinary scientific discipline that is based in computer science and economic sciences, especially in business administration. It is concerned with the conception, development and application of information systems in the economy, administration and also increasingly in private life.

This field combines theoretical knowledge of various disciplines with the application oriented alignment with system solutions for corporative challenges. The discipline of information systems and its innovative strength is essential to develop solutions in product- and process design of businesses under economic conditions in many working contexts.

Some example questions Information Systems students look at

  • How can IT projects be implemented efficiently and successfully?
  • How are requirements for software products defined correctly and comprehensively?
  • What are the most cost-efficient and effective ways of implementing, testing and rolling out software?
  • How do information systems help support businesses/business processes?
  • What role do information systems play in businesses’ operations?
  • What architectures and approaches exist in the field of IT systems?
  • How are processes and workflows within a business/IT system modelled correctly?
  • How can decision processes be supported using IT?


Business computer specialists have the often enquired dual qualification from the area of business administration and informatics. Hence, graduates can be employed in various sectors (business consulting, management of system development and information management) and internal areas. They take over a translation function between business processes and the technically embedded system environment.

Complying fields of employment are coordinative functions between IT-specialists and functional specialists at the application side, in which consulting and project management are most important. Furthermore, business computer specialists are experts concerning the structuring and modelling of information systems and thus also know how about respective functions in different domains like, for example, the health sector. 

The Bachelor programme in Information Systems at the University of Cologne is designed accordingly. After the bachelor, students have the possibility to scientifically enhance their field specific skills in the consecutive master programme in Information Systems.

The faculty supports student´s ambition via the WiSo Career Service.